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Questions about Midloch and our approach to real estate investing.

What types of commercial real estate investments does Midloch invest in?


Midloch invests in most asset classes of commercial real estate, including Multifamily, Industrial, Retail, Office, and Parking. Midloch’s strategy for Fund II is 40% multifamily, 40% industrial, and 20% commercial.

Why invest in commercial real estate?


Investing in commercial real estate gives investors an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio with a stable investment option in physical assets. Investing with Midloch is a passive investment option that offers stable returns without day to day management of investment properties.

Why choose Midloch for commercial real estate investments?


Midloch focuses on a diversified strategy with limited competition and a principal team with a track record of consistently earning the projected returns.

What is the advantage of investing in commercial real estate?


Commercial real estate investments offer many advantages beyond just diversifying a portfolio, like stable quarterly or monthly distributions. They are also a good hedge against inflation.

What is an average return for a commercial real estate investment through Midloch?


To maximize returns and minimize risk, Midloch invests across the capital stack taking Co-GP, LP Equity, and debt positions for its investments. These returns can range from 12-15% IRR for debt positions, 14-18% IRR for LP equity positions, and 18-25% for Co-GP positions.

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