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Midwest-based real estate investment group, partnering with you coast to coast.

Midloch invests JV Equity, CO-GP Equity, and Preferred Equity.

Our Unique Approach to Private Real Estate Investing

Midloch has limited competition from larger real estate private equity firms that infrequently invest in properties below $50 million with local joint venture partners. This has left a large void in the marketplace.

Midloch approach includes: Individual  Size Projects $1–5m, Institutional Size Projects $50m + and Everything in Between

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National Reach, Local Focus

Midloch has a network of over 1,000 real estate professionals coast-to-coast who bring Midloch access to unique and off-market deals in their local marketplaces.

Are you a local operator looking for equity?

US map with areas highlighted that represent historic transaction volume of Midloch principals.

* Heatmap represents historical transaction volume of Midloch Investments.

Midloch targets properties nationwide.

Midloch has a deep nationwide network of real estate professionals coast-to-coast who provide us access to unique and off-market deals in their local marketplaces.

Cash Flow


Focusing on transactions that provide average annual cash yield of 5-10%.

Acquisition Basis


Selectively targeting properties at reasonable prices per square foot or price per unit.



Targeting low to moderate leverage at approximately 65% loan to cost.



Having a business plan with multiple ways to make money; allowing Midloch to target long term returns of 14% - 18% (IRR).

Equity Amount


Midloch is focused on investing $1M to $15M of equity into our projects.

Our Focus

We focus on primarily multifamily and industrial warehouses but also general commercial asset classes to ensure investors are getting true diversity and upside exposure across the real estate landscape.

Midloch diverse property pool pie chart indicatting that commercial is 20%, multi-family is 40%, industrial is 40%

Midloch favors existing value-added oriented projects over development deals.


Midloch at the current time does not invest in hotels, student housing, or senior living facilities.

Investment Strategies

Benefit from our principals' diverse range of investment experience within the real estate industry.

Joint Venture Equity

Preferred Equity

Co-GP Equity

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